Kontakt oss:

Telefon: 408 47 387


  • Reception
    This is the entrances to the reception.
    We take cash, cards and credit cards.
  • Towards the valley
    View from reception against Uskedalen
    Uskedal river flows behind small cabins.
  • Beach
    View from the estuary.
    The river is drawing fine sand from the valley, and the sand bank grows year by year.
  • Mountains
    View from the sea.
    April in Uskedalen, with snow on Ulvanåso and Englafjell.

Caravans and campers

We have plenty of room for campers and caravans. On the large plain behind the reception building we have electricity and water stations. Short distance to sanitary facilities. The plain is free of mosquitoes cause unknown, so it is nice to sit outside on nice summer evenings. we also have some DROPIN Places for campers and caravans by the sea.

Price Nkr 250,-/night


Using tents for accommodation has become more and more used in recent years. It is exciting for both children and adults to get as close to nature as tents life gives. With us it is easy to hammer down tent pins in a ground that is free of large rocks.
Price for tent per night: Nkr 150,-/.

Uskedalen is a small rural with about 1,000 inhabitants. The area lies in the area called Sunnhordland and the fjord is the start of the the Hardangerfjord.

The village has SPAR grocery stores with opening hours 8:00 to 22:00 each working day, and 9:00 to 20:00 Saturday. The village also including flower shop, hairdresser, car rental, laundry, gas station, lumber stock. See Uskdedalen utvikling for more info.